I. Limitation of liability

The end user is legally responsible for the good use of DLBUDDY.com.com service, the respect of the intellectual property rights and the compliance of the “terms of use” of the websites to which accesses by using DLBUDDY.com service. The end user agrees and compromises itself to use this service only to access contents for which he has authorization and using a computer or Internet connection from which he has full authorization to visualize, transfer, download or access such kind of content, in accomplishment of the local laws of its country.

II. Source of the content

DLBUDDY.com doesn’t store, nor offer, nor host, nor share and nor provide any kind of content, therefore all the multimedia content accessed using DLBUDDY.com is stored and served by “EXTERNAL VIDEO/SOCIAL WEB SITES”, which are open and available to general public, and their owners and operators are the ONLY legally responsible for the content being “stored, served and/or re-transmitted” by its web servers. DLBUDDY.com doesn’t have nor maintain any relationship with such Web Sites and therefore can’t control the content available on those sources; the end user is responsible for the acceptance of the “terms of service” of each website before the use of DLBUDDY.com service to access its content.


The end user agrees to keep legally free from harm by the misuse of DLBUDDY.com service to the authors, developers, owners, collaborators and partners of DLBUDDY.com.

The use of this software implies the acceptance of this disclaimer.

To protect copyright holders, DLBUDDY.com does not support technologies to circumvent security measures, such as encryption, DRM or copy protection technologies and secure video protocols.